FeatureCAM® software automates your workflow from design to NC code. Reduce programming time, and produce consistent results for CNC milling, turning, and wire applications. FeatureCAM Ultimate includes PartMaker software for Swiss-type lathes in a cost-effective package.

See the table below to compare FeatureCAM products, and see which software solution is right for you. For sales inquiries, give us a call at (888)-310-2674 or request a quote.

Product Features

FeatureCAM Standard

FeatureCAM Premium

FeatureCAM Ultimate

At A Glance

  • 2.5-axis milling and drilling
  • 2-axis turning
  • 2 and 4-axis wire EDM
  • Feature recognition
  • 3-axis and 3+2 positioning
  • Single turret turn-mill
  • Machine simulation
  • 5-axis simultaneous
  • Multiple turret turn-mill
  • Swiss lathes
  • Includes PartMaker CAM software
2.5-axis milling and 3-axis lite
2-axis turning
2-axis and 4-axis wire
Neutral CAD import
Third-party CAD import
Feature recognition
Built-in intelligence
Programming control
Collision avoidance
Clamps & fixtures
Stock models
3-axis milling and 3+2 positioning  
Tombstone machining  
Solid modeling  
Machine simulation  
Machine limits  
Advanced turn-mill    
5-axis simultaneous milling    
Export to third-party verification software    
Swiss-type lathes