Introduction/Company Background

  • 2008: NexGenCAM, Inc - Charles Davis, original founder
  • 2014: Bridge Technologies - Mark Fischer/Eric Strassheim
  • 2015: Merger - Bridge Technologies and NexGenCAM, Inc form one company: NexGenCAM, LLC
  • 2016: NexGenRobot division formed - began providing Robotmaster software
  • 2017: Acquisition of Programming Plus


101 E. Pier Street, Suite #22
Port Washington, WI 53074

CAM Offerings

Advanced Manufacturing:

FeatureCAM® software automates your workflow from design to NC code. Reduce programming time, and produce consistent results for CNC milling, turning, and wire applications. FeatureCAM Ultimate includes PartMaker software for Swiss-type lathes in a cost-effective package. Learn more

PowerMill® CAM software provides tools for high-speed machining and multi-axis CNC. Rapidly create high-quality toolpaths and NC programs that help meet your unique needs. Learn more

PowerShape® CAD software combines surface, solid, and mesh modeling to help engineers prepare molds, dies, and other complex parts for manufacture. Ideal for use with PowerMill CAM software. Learn more

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection:

Go from design to manufacturing with one subscription Design and make your products with our best Inventor, including fully-integrated simulation and 5-axis CAM with Autodesk Nastran In-CAD and HSM. Get the latest versions of AutoCAD and other products in the collection, and explore cloud-based product development with Fusion 360. Learn more


Robotmaster is CAD/CAM for robotic manufacturing. Make robot programming simple and fast with Robotmaster v6 CAD/CAM software. No more teaching points or hand programming; simply use CAD/CAM to program the robot's desired trajectory and validate with virtual simulation. Learn more