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Robotmaster: CAD/CAM for Robots

Why a Robot?

Not only are robots less expensive to acquire and operate than a CNC, their large work envelope and ability to reach multiple sides of the part reduce setups and part handling. Robots are also far more accurate and faster than a person using hand tools. Consider robots for any application that requires manual labor, including welding, de-burring, polishing, painting and dispensing.

Why Robotmaster?

Robotmaster allows manufacturers to program robots quickly and efficiently, using industry proven CAD/CAM robotics software technology. The growing trend towards lean and flexible manufacturing is driving robots to progressively replace conventional dedicated manufacturing units, such as CNC milling machines. Robots have advanced in accuracy and rigidity, and are now being used increasingly for manufacturing and material removal. Industrial robotic are helping manufacturers produce higher quality products at lower cost. This speed and flexibility allows domestic manufacturers to challenge their competitors around the world.


Below are some examples where robots are used to replace CNC or manual labor.

Trimming & Cutting
Use Robots to control router, plasma cutter, torch, laser and waterjet attachments.
Robots replacement for CNC’s where they meet tolerance, repeatability and rigidity requirements. Their lower costs, large work envelope and ability to position the tool in any orientation make them an ideal solution for machining wood, plastics and prototyping materials.
De-Burring and Grinding
Use robot to control mills, rotary files, abrasive disks, brushes and pads.
Work directly from the CAD model to produce perfect welds every time.
Painting and Spray Coating
Control a paint or spray head to precisely apply coatings without many of the safety concerns involved with human labor.
Part to Tool
Robotmaster can be used for programming part-to-tool applications.
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